After you purchase any one of these PPV shows they will be downloaded instantly.


Black Secret Societies 

The Myth Of White Supremacy 

Best selling author Tariq Elite Nasheed discusses the taboo subject of white supremacy in our culture.This is a 3 part presentation.



Secret Societies

This 4 part PPV special talks about the influence that secret societies have over politics,religion,and entertainment.
This special comes in 4 separate links.


Inter-Racial Mackin' Week Part II

This 5 part PPV special breaks the game down on how to get with women of different races and nationalities .The first Inter-racial Mackin' Week was done in 2006.The game has changed a lot since then and you have to get some updated game on how to step to these women. On this show,you will learn how to deal with:

*Asian,Polynesian Girls

*White American,German,Italian,European,Russian Girls

*Black American,Bi-Racial,Caribbean,West African,Ethiopian Girls

*Latina,Dominican,Cuban,Brazilian,Puerto Rican,Mexican Girls

*Middle Eastern,Armenian,East Indian,Persian Girls

After you purchase the special,you will receive 5 separate  downloadable links.


 Dating Women With Kids

Tariq discusses the pros and cons of dating single mothers.Do not date a female with kids until you hear this show.


Who Are You? 

Tariq talks about the confusion many people have about the touchy subject of race and nationality.


Mack Lessons In Hawaii
See the video presentation of Tariq in the beautiful state of Hawaii discussing the social scene.Must see for anyone thinking about vacationing to Hawaii.


Culture Of Ignorance 

Tariq gives and online lecture about the state of today's urban youth,and why certain types of behavior have become commonplace in the black community. If you are a teenager or student (or if you are a person who has an adolescent) this show should be required listening.



The Illuminati

Tariq gives a controversial lecture about the origins of this secret organization,and discusses how the genral public has been manipulated over the years.This show will open your eyes up to things you never imagined.



B.B.Q Special

This is a hilarious compilation of all the infamous beefs,disses,and roasts Tariq has done on The Mack Lessons Radio Show.Tariq talks in depth about the reasons behind some of the beefs he has gotten into.This show also includes the highly requested Emancipation Of Monkey mix tape.




Tariq gives a detailed account of real history that you won't find in standard textbooks.Very eye opening show.


Message To Black Women 

This is an online lecture where Tariq drops some good game to black women.If you are a sista that can handle the truth,this show is for you.



Tariq Nasheed's  Yale University Lecture

This is a video presentation of Tariq giving a lecture to a sold out crowd at Yale University



Religious Mackin

This show talks about the origin of religion and how it has been used to control the masses.


Mack Lessons In Brazil 

This is a video presentation of Tariq in the country of Brazil. See lots of beautiful ladies and listen to Tariq discuss the social scene.



Message To White America

This show goes into detail about  how white Americans got tricked into believing the myth of white superiority. This show should be required listening to all the players out there of European decent.


Mackin For Money

This is one the the best selling PPV specials from Tariq.This show is for the advanced players who want to know how to get women to break bread.


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