Relationships,Riches,and Race is a lecture film from best selling author/film producer Tariq Elite Nasheed. In this live lecture,recorded at the Vittam Theater in Chicago,Tariq Nasheed gives his unique commentary on subjects such as: *What we as a society really want out of life *What men look for from women *What women really want out of relationships *How the system of race affects relationships *How race affects economics And much more.



Best selling author Tariq "Elite" Nasheed gives an entertaining and informative lecture on dating,sex,and relationships in front of a live audience at the Miami-Dade County Auditorium in Miami. In this presentation,Tariq discusses subjects such as: *The 4 Common Mistakes Men Make When Meeting Women *The Best Way to Attract the Opposite Sex *Tactics on Meeting Women In Social Spots *The Pros and Cons of Spending Money on Women *How to Avoid Getting in The Friend Zone *When to Call a Woman After You Have the Number *How to Tell If Your Mate is Marriage Material *And much much more.


Originally published in 1973, Black Players was the first book to do a thorough examination of the urban pimp culture. Social anthropologists Richard and Christina Milner were allowed access to the secretive and controversial world of pimps and prostitutes. Black Player guides the reader through every aspect of this unfamiliar world, allowing the Players to describe themselves, and the rules of the game in their own words. The Milners interviewed many of the top pimps in the Bay area and other parts of the country during the late 60's/early 70's. There is even a rare interview with legendary pimp-turned-author Iceberg Slim in this book. Out of this experience, has come one of the most fascinating journeys into a secret culture ever written. 
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The second DVD installment in the Tariq Elite lecture series. Join Tariq on his "Man Up" lecture series as he spits that hot fire in the Dirty South.

Topics include:

  • The power of positive magnetism
  • The popularity of tricking
  • How to succeed in controlling women
  • How to approach women
  • And much, much more...


Live from New York. The first DVD installment from the Tariq Elite lecture series. Raw game brought to you from the city that never sleeps.


The original Mack Lessons DVD is back in stock, full of all the game you need to  be successful with the ladies, in and out of the club. With step-by-step instructions, you will feel the confidence you need to:

  • Prepare your mack entourage
  • Approach top-notch females in the club environment
  • And, if you choose, leave with the woman of your choice the same night!

A must-have for every mack's video library.

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This book, The Elite Way, is designed to give men straightforward rules about dating and relationships without the filter of political correctness. To some, the concept of rules as they pertain to relationships may seem rigid, cold or calculating. After all, we have been taught that relationships are supposed to be based on spontaneity, chance encounters, luck and uncontrollable emotions. Any game or situation you get into has to have rules for there to be order. If you play a game like blackjack or poker, it is gambling, but it is also a game of strategy. That's why poker is often considered a sport. Understanding and effectively dealing with women is a sport. That's why men who have mastered certain strategies to get women are often called "players." Best selling author and world renowned "Game Advisor" Tariq Elite (The Art Of Mackin, Play Or Be Played,The Mack Within,etc) breaks down the 10 essential rules that every man should know in order to effectively deal with women. Comprehending these rules will help any man master the sport of dating and relationships. 

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When people hear the word “gold digger,” they automatically conjure up images of a woman who is deceptive, conniving, and manipulative. They also assume that a gold digger is the type of woman who will do any and everything to get over on men and to get money from them by any means necessary. This book is going to clear up some of those myths and misconceptions and give you a real understanding about the true art of gold digging. Ladies, you must first understand there is nothing wrong with wanting the best out of life. Many women have secret desires to wine, dine, shop and travel the world with a man (or men) of means. The reason why many women keep these desires secret is because society often makes it seem morally wrong for a woman to openly express these desires. Since the beginning of time, society has looked down on the woman who wanted it all. More than that, society has done its part in suppressing a woman’s desires. This book is going to help you make these desires come true without hiding behind moral smokescreens. This book is going to help you become a guilt-free gold digger. By and large, women are more attracted to men with money than to men without money. History has shown this to be true. It’s something we continue to see everyday—not just in the media—but in our cities and in our neighborhoods. It’s a harsh reality that you just have to accept. And you shouldn’t have to make any apologies for having that kind of attraction. I’m going to teach you some of the techniques these true gold diggers use to get men to lavish them with endless riches. Some of the things that I will teach you in this book will be: *The mind state of a gold digger *Where rich men hang out *How to attract rich men *What type of clothes a gold digger should wear *How to carry yourself around rich men *What men to avoid And much, much more.  

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The Art of Mackin' was the first book of rules for players-from overcoming fears of getting dissed to spotting a stank dead on. Now the expert on mackin' is back with the ultimate straight-up guide for every mack and mack-wannabe. Whether he's after ass or cash, trying to spit game at a Benz-driving Diamond Girl or a street-tough Copper Chick, or if he's just tired of being coochie-whipped, it's time to open up this book and unlock the time-tested secrets of the mack game. 

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Got Game?

It's a fact. Every woman needs game. Take Oprah, Jada Pinkett-Smith, and Beyoncé Knowles. All three of these women have the one intangible quality that every mack, male or female, must possess: they all have game. In other words, they have intelligence, hustle, and common sense that they apply to every aspect of their lives -- especially in their relationships.

Play or Be Played is an instruction manual for women who are tired of being played by men and who want to be players themselves. Though women may not want to play games, the truth is men often do. So women who hope to win in the game of love must first learn the rules. Bestselling author and true mack, Tariq "K-Flex" Nasheed shares:

  • ways to spot a scrub
  • what it takes to get with a baller
  • why men cheat
  • how men really judge women
  • the top three mistakes women make in relationships

Street-smart and straightforward, Play or Be Played will help you get with a king without being a hoochie, groupie, or a chickenhead.

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"A Classic" -New York Times Book Review

Before great books such as "The Mystery Method" by Mystery , "The Game" by Neil Strauss, "Double Your Dating" by David DeAngelo and many others, there was the critically acclaimed game manual "The Art Of Mackin" by Tariq "King Flex" Nasheed. First written in 1999 and released in 2000, this updated and revised edition of The Art of Mackin', takes a unique, yet serious look at modern male/ female relationships from a player's point of view. The Art of Mackin' was the first how-to book that taught men how to actually become a true ladies man, and how to use certain techniques (not deceit) in order to get what they wanted from women. Whether it is sex, money or companionship, this book teaches men what to say, verbatim, in order to reach their intended goal. By using these techniques, I am not implying that you do anything negative. I am just teaching guys to stay on top of their game when dealing with women. The Art of Mackin' is also the first book that tells men what to say, word for word, in order to get sex from women, guaranteed. By using my tried and proven methods of mackin', men are guaranteed to increase their player ratio by at least fifty percent (50%).  

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